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Police Are Hunting Down The Group Responsible For 400 Burglaries Across The GTA

So far, 14 arrests have been made and $2.7M in stolen items has been returned.
Police Are Hunting Down The Group Responsible For 400 Burglaries Across The GTA

Police have identified a network of individuals responsible for 400 break-ins across the Greater Toronto Area over the last few months. Halton region's police department decided to investigate after they noticed a pattern of similar break-in tactics happening over and over.

The suspects would first "knock on the door and wait several minutes 'to confirm the home was vacant' before smashing or prying open a rear door." Then, they ransacked people's bedrooms in search of "jewelry, watches, designer clothing and cash.”

Burglary ring targeted 400 homes across GTA in past few months: police https://t.co/nEqSDQR3lp pic.twitter.com/MnrYQIfvd2

April 4, 2018

Police have arrested 14 suspects, all of which are supposedly members of an "organized crime group" based in Chile, South America.  They have also returned $2.7 million in stolen items to their rightful owners. 

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“We’d like to get as much of the property back to the victims," says Police Chief Stephen Tanner, "You can imagine how incredibly difficult that can be when we’re dealing with 400 different families across an area such as the GTA.”

Police have also said that home surveillance videos and security cameras have been a huge help in their search for the burglary suspects. In some footage, the suspect's faces are fully visible, making it a lot easier for police to identify the right people.

Source: CP24