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Police Are Now Investigating The Man In A Viral Racist Rant In Toronto (Video)

A viral video has police looking into the racist rant at Toronto's ferry terminal.

Yesterday a video appeared online that showed a blonde man screaming racist language at a family at Toronto’s Jack Layton Ferry Terminal.

The video went viral, having been watched over 600,000 times on Facebook alone.

In the video someone can be heard calling the police, and now it’s been confirmed that they are looking into it. 

Via Mir Tabassum Javed

If you somehow haven’t seen it yet the video (which is posted below) it shows the blond man screaming at a family demanding to know where they are from and yelling at them repeatedly that they “can’t ask me a f-ing questing in my province.”

According to the man who shot the video, named, Hasan Ahmed, police arrived about 20 minutes after being called to the scene.

Ahmed and his family are visiting Toronto from Saskatoon when he saw the incident beginning to unfold and after calling the police himself began to film it. 

Via Mir Tabassum Javed

"I was thinking he was going to hit the family and I was worried," he said explaining why he filmed it.

Police say that they were called to the ferry terminal around 6:30 p.m. on Monday with regards to the incident.

Police have spoken to the blond man in the video who was yelling at the family, no charges have been laid against him at this time but the investigation is open and ongoing. 

There’s no word on what kind of potential crimes the police are investigating but there is some speculation that it may be hate crime related.

Source: CBC