For anyone living in Toronto who has been following the news it seems that at least once or twice a week now someone is being shot.

Just recently 2 young girls were shot in a playground and according to police data, there have been a total of 194 shootings this year, which is 21% more than last year.

Chief Mark Saunders says that this isn’t something the public should be concerned about though. 

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Saunders points out that while it seems that there are a massive number of shootings that when you compare it to how many people live in the city most people are unaffected by it.

He points out that Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America with close to 3 million people so while there have been nearly 200 shootings it’s only affecting a small percent of the population.

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He also says that the number of shootings compared to last year isn’t that much. “When we look at the increase compared to last year, it works out to five more shooting events a year and it works out to one victim shot per month more than last year."

“So the conversation of it being catastrophic is just untrue,” he says.

Just because he doesn’t think it’s “catastrophic” doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand that it is important to the community. "

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We do take shooting occurrences seriously and we’ll continue to do just that,” he said. As to why he thinks there’s been an uptick in shootings

Saunders isn’t sure “I certainly can’t explain the ‘why’ piece. There are a lot of moving parts to it.” 

Source: CP24