Poutine Burritos Are Now A Thing In Toronto

All our prayers have been answered.
Poutine Burritos Are Now A Thing In Toronto

You had us at Poutine Burrito. 

Back in September,we announced the opening of Smoke's Poutine newest addition to their ever-expanding franchise: Smoke's Burritorie. The question on everyone's mind at the time was obviously: will there be a hybrid poutine burrito on the menu?

At first the answer was "no", which was rather disappointing, but now Smoke Burritorie has answered our prayers: as of March 1st, poutine burritos are now on the menu.

For $7.49, you are now able to purchase a burrito consisting of a tortilla stuffer with fries, gravy and cheese curds....Mmmmmm. Smoke's has also unvailed a variety of other "unique" burritos, including the pad thai burrito and the spaghetti and meatballs burrito. Our personal must-try however, is the chicken and waffles burrito!

But hurry! These awesome menu additions will only be available for the next six weeks.

Photo cred- @sinicerlykn

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