Since the announcement that Pride Weekend in Toronto was cancelled, many have held onto hope that the celebration would continue online. On Friday, Pride Toronto announced some good news with its "online parade." The event will feature a line-up of virtual parties and the celebration will be month-long.

A “Virtual Pride” will be held in place of the event’s typical outdoor gathering, which includes everything from block parties to parades.

The month-long celebration will be taking to the digital format in an attempt to keep the party going while adhering to the city’s new social distancing by-laws.

“In alignment with the City of Toronto’s statement, Pride Toronto announced it would no longer host the Pride 2020 Festival Weekend in June. Our team has been adapting and creating new platforms for our community to shine on,” reads an excerpt from the organization’s press release.

“We are excited to announce that Pride Toronto will continue with June Pride celebrations in a new, creative, and unique way that ensures the safety of residents and proper physical distancing,” it added.

According to the press release, the viral event will kick off on June 1 with the raising of the Rainbow and Transgender Pride Flag.

While you won’t be able to see it in person, the event will be live-streamed for all to participate.

Pride is also encouraging residents to hang a flag from their window or house to help spread the love throughout the month.

The digital experience will continue throughout June and will include everything from live DJ sets to performers in its roster of quality online entertainment.

On June 28, the iconic Pride Parade will also go virtual. While the massive virtual street party is still in the works, Pride promises that it will “stay true to our political roots and reflect our community.”

The popular event, which usually draws thousands of people, was cancelled at the end of March.

The announcement was made after the City of Toronto cancelled all public events until June 30.

However, Pride promises that its online event will continue to be a "celebration of our local queer and trans trailblazers."