We all know smoking is bad, trust me, we know. But when you've had a long day and you just want to chill in your sweats, shisha is the perfect way to decompress. It's very important that you smoke shisha when the atmosphere is right. So here's the list to help you decide what bar suits your desired vibe.

1. Hayat Restaurant and Lounge

6034 Yonge Street

This Persian gem is definitely not your average shisha bar. Hayat has patio-side seating that's the perfect cure for those hot summer nights. With lush carpeting and cushions to sit on, you're sure to have the best chill session of the week. The neon lights change the colours of your smoke and the music is hella poppin'. Fun fact: The owner will read your Turkish coffee fortune too!


2. Awtash

419 College St

In the midst of Little Italy, Awtash serves up a fusion of Persian food with a Canadian twist. The old-style brick exterior coupled with the city view make for an ideal evening. Awtash offers herbal shisha for those of you who stay away from tobacco - plus a vast selection of yummy cocktails to choose from.


3. Dreams Shisha Lounge

2088 Lawrence Ave East

If you're looking for an escape from your busy life, this is the place to be. Dreams offers an elegant middle-eastern based environment filled with memorabilia of Arabian culture such as handcrafted glass lamps and wall decor. They also have a basement seating area if you're traveling in a bigger crowd and want some privacy.


4. Ali Bashas

147 Dundas St. East

If you're a Ryerson student, chances are you've already been here. Ali Basha is one of those places that you treat yourself to after a hectic exam. You're bound to run into someone you know, and because the seating is so close and cozy, you'll end up making new friends too. Located right by Dundas Square, it's a convenient, comfortable, and casual way to smoke shisha.


5. Habibiz

1939, Kennedy Rd

Did you say Drake? The owner of Habibiz is actually featured in one of Drake's music videos, and it's an understatement to say he's merely a fan. Legend has it that Habibiz used to be Drake's go-to shisha place. With private booths and a summertime patio, it's a great way to let off some steam. Habibiz plays hip-hop, R&B, and traditional Arabic music. On Friday and Saturday nights, the place is packed because they feature some beautiful belly dancers.


Photo cred - ShishaLovers

6. Mazaj Lounge

1195 Meyerside Dr, Mississauga

With a homely Middle Eastern atmosphere, Mazaj is a home away from home. They have amazing food, a staff that seriously knows their shisha, and very reasonable pricing. Be sure to book early because the wait can get a little long on Fridays and weekends. Tip: order their amazing fries and Arabic coffee alongside your shisha.


7. Starbuzz Lounge And Grill

1381 Danforth Avenue

Starbuzz keeps it simple: soft seating, thick smoke to blow 'O's all night long. What could be better?


8. Sheesha Lounge

901 Bloor St West

Sheesha Lounge delivers on all fronts. They have a good selection of beer and cocktails, a great music vibe on loop and ample comfy chairs everywhere. You have to try the VIP shisha which comes loaded with ice, lemon juice, and water in the base. You can add milk for an extra $5 which makes for an even smoother smoke.


9. Ali Baba Cafe and Restaurant

880 Ellesmere Road

Complete with pineapple headgear and Arabian belly dancers, Ali Baba's has definitely earned their spot on the list. There is always some crazy event happening making it seriously worth the trip to Scarlem.