Pros And Cons Of Going To School At Ryerson

It's great (and sometimes not so great) to be a ram!
Pros And Cons Of Going To School At Ryerson

Ryerson has quickly become one of Ontario's most popular universities, and who can blame them! The campus is downtown, there are a ton of cool programs from business to media arts and the overall vibe of the school is super welcoming! Though, every rose has it's thorn and while Ryerson might be amazing, they are no exception to having some flaws of their own (cough, cough, the commute during rush hour).

While the campus is in the perfect location but rush hour can be brutal, those aren't the only pros and cons that come with going to Ryerson. So click next to check out the pros and cons that every Ryerson student can probably agree with when it comes to going to school here!

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Pros: Campus is in downtown.

Cons: Getting verbally assaulted by *insert religious follower or protestor* every time you leave or enter Eaton Centre.

Don't get me wrong, getting to be downtown everyday because of school is great. I mean from having awesome restos to go to between class to killing some time by going shopping, it's the perfect situation for any city-goer! Though, downtown is also home to some pretty.. intense people to say the least, and you would be lying if you said you've never been scared shitless when the Jesus guy caught you off guard.

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Pros: We have our own outdoor skating rink.

Cons: You run the risk of getting knocked out by a flying puck in the Winter while trying to walk to class.

The rink is such a cool touch to campus, while it's also used as a mini skate during the Summer and Fall, it's especially cool during the Winter when then ice is down and people start to play shinny. Though the fear of getting a puck to the head is way too real when you are trying to pass by to get to class.

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Pros: The library is one of the coolest in Ontario.

Cons: It's also constantly RAMmed (lol), especially during exam season.

Ryerson has one of the coolest campus librarys in Ontario, with each floor having a completely different vibe and awesome design features. Of course the amazing designs and ambiance draw in a lot of students, especially during midterm or exam season, so good luck finding a seat during peak times!

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Pros: The building architecture on campus is sick.

Cons: Campus has some of the most annoyingly confusing buildings ever. (cough cough Ted Rogers, Sally Horsfall and Eric Palin Hall).

Ryerson has some pretty stand out buildings that have really added to Toronto's downtown core. From the SLC to their acquisition of Maple Leaf Gardens, they definitely own some stand out real estate in the city. At the same time though, I swear they host some of the most confusing buildings ever, like I'm talking you need to designate a few hours to finding your classes a day or two before your actual semester starts.

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Pros: Campus is right by Eaton Centre

Cons: ...Campus is right by Eaton Centre.

Campus by the Eaton Centre sounds great! I mean, theres Sephora, every clothing store imaginable, plus food! Who wouldn't love that? Trust me when I say that by week two when your wallet is seriously hurting you are going to end up questioning buying those blinkers that people but on horses so that you don't end up wandering into Zara and spending money you don't have.