Queens University has been known for its outrageous student life during homecoming season and this year is no exception. Kingston Police shared a video of a drunk student throwing hands at a cop and then stumble-running away while a crowd filmed. This is just one of the examples of Queen's University homecoming behaviour, as multiple videos were captured of the crowd that caused complete chaos this past weekend. It looks like Kingston Police have got a lot on their plate this month, especially when it comes to trying to control masses of partying students. As students gathered in the streets to celebrate Queen's homecoming, it seems that things got slightly out of hand throughout the weekend. In fact, students were filmed trying to jump from roof to roof of houses, only to whack their faces on the edge and end up eating pavement. While others show drunken students taking up entire streets for the weekend-long booze fest. Then there's this video of a female police officer in a standoff with one of the homecoming kids. The video depicts an officer attempting to calm down a student, as a group of bystanders forms a circle around the incident, filming on their phones. 

In the video's caption, the police share that they are "appalled" that none of the bystanders helped out. Then there's this compilation of failed stunts that are making us scratch our heads and wonder — just why?The first video is the same police encounter from above. Then it segues into a guy doing a backflip off a car and hitting his head on the door on the way down, laying there motionless for a moment, before casually getting up. Next, a guy tries to jump off his roof and onto the roof of the next-door house. Instead, misses the metre-long gap, slams his head onto the neighbouring roof, and tumbles down to the ground. See for yourself below.

Police have also been sharing more images of what happens when masses of students take over, and it's a bit apocalyptic. Check out this destroyed car that students went to town on. Constable Harry Brewer posted that it was a Redbull DJ vehicle that was parked on Aberdeen Street in Kingston. When the rep ran out of free drinks, they shattered the windows and went full beast mode on the entire car. 

There's so much more. The videos in the next compilation show a guy backflipping into the crowd, nobody catches him, and he accidentally kicks someone in the face. Then a guy tries to climb between an alley of two houses by spreading his arms and legs enough to reach the neighbouring walls while lifting himself higher this way. He eventually plummets to the floor. It's a zoo out there.

There is no word on how many arrests were made, but the cops are definitely outnumbered. Stay safe everyone! 

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