The Raptors Just Revealed Their New Championship Ring Bundle & It's Under $50

You can finally own a replica ring without going broke.
Raptors Championship Bundle Was Just Revealed & It's Under $50

Raptors die-hard fans rejoice! The time for you to purchase your own Raptors championship ring without breaking the bank has come. If you've wanted to own a championship ring but haven't wanted to break the bank to do so, a new bundle featuring the iconic jewelry and a snapback has officially hit stores for pre-order. 

On Wednesday afternoon, the Raptors announced the new bundle, revealing the Raptors Mitchell and Ness NBA Champs Snapback and ring are finally here. 

Now available for a $45 pre-order, fans have the chance to commemorate their team's 2019 NBA champion with swanky merchandise.

The sleek black hat reads the iconic slogan, "We the North" in bright gold lettering. 

However, it is the collectible ring, which features many of the designed found on the historic ring presented to the team on opening night, that is the real draw for fans.

Ever since the Raptors received their rings, replicas have been in high demand and have gone for depressing prices.

Fans who attended the team's home opener on Tuesday, October 22, against the New Orleans Pelicans, received an exact replica of the Toronto Raptors championship ring.

However, by the following morning, resale sites were filled with people trying to make a quick buck off the precious memorabilia, and it has been mayhem ever since.

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The highest price range for the original replica rings topped off around $500 to $600, which isn’t unaffordable but is undoubtedly a lot to pay for a free giveaway.

Meanwhile, Premium Championship Fan Ring, which featured real diamonds, were going for as much as $9,995.

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You could also purchase a less precious ring for $395. However, it doesn't even compare to the size and bling of the premium version.

So, as you can see up until recently, it has been impossible to nab a replica ring for anything less than a couple of hundred bucks.

Thankfully, now we all have a chance to own some genuinely awesome merch.

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