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Toronto Raptors Players Told Fans To Stop Cheering For Kevin Durant's Injury & The Internet Is Praising Them (VIDEO)

Kevin Durant returned to the court for the first time since his calf injury tonight at Game 5. However, the Warriors star had to leave the game during the second quarter due to an injury. Raptors fans cheered for Kevin Durant's injury at Game 5 and Raptors players tried to stop it. After the crowd applauded, Toronto Raptors players told fans to stop cheering for Kevin Durant's injury. 

Kevin Durant went down on the court due to his calf injury during the second quarter. After he was on the ground in pain, the crowd at the Scotiabank Arena went into an uproar, applauding and cheering. 

In response, the Raptors and Warriors players told the crowd to stop cheering. Players such as Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka tried to get the crowds to stop cheering while Durant left the court due to his injury. 

It wasn't just Raptors players who were against the cheering. The Internet has been outraged that Raptors fans applauded for Kevin Durant's injury, and people have not exactly been holding back on Twitter. 

However, Canadians were able to take back their reputation of being polite and friendly. After people began to realize how serious the situation could be, they had a change of heart and instead started chanting "KD" for the Warriors star as he went off court and to the locker room, USA Today reports. 

Many people are now praising the Raptors stars for their actions. 

Make sure to keep watching the game to see if Raptors make history tonight! It's just one more win until the Toronto team takes home the championship. 

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