Raptors Fans May Have Just Ruined Canada's Reputation After Cheering For Durant's Injury (VIDEO)

Some Raptors fans' reactions to Durant leaving the game have angered viewers.
Raptors Fans May Have Just Ruined Canada's Reputation After Cheering For Durant's Injury (VIDEO)

It's been a wild day already for Raptors and Warriors fans who had been anticipating the big game which has resulted in numerous memes, predictions and of course, trash talk. Unfortunately, it seems that some Raptors fans are getting a little too excited and as a result, their behaviour hasn't been well received by viewers watching at home. Raptors fans cheered for Kevin Durant's injury at Game 5 and now the Internet is outraged.

If there is one thing Canadians are known for, it's being polite and saying thank-you (maybe a little too much), but that reputation is in jeopardy thanks to some fans who are acting out of line according to viewers. 

It all started earlier in the day when Durant was confirmed to return to the court after sustaining an injury. While some Raptors fans were either unbothered or seriously worried, many were concerned about Durant himself. Many fans believed that his return was premature, and it turns out that was exactly the case.

In the second quarter, Durant found himself returning to the dressing room after hurting himself again. This resulted in fans inside the venue actually cheering. The cheering was so loud while Durant got up and walked off the court that even Raptors players on the court began motioning for the crowd to calm down.

It wasn't just the players on the court that felt the fans' reactions were in bad taste. Once Twitter got a hold of the footage, floods of tweets criticizing Raptors fans began to appear: 

Of course, the fans cheering in the venue only represent a small percentage of Raptors fans as a whole. In fact, many Canadian fans were criticizing those who were acting in bad taste. We can only hope from here on out the fans remember to act more respectfully!