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Raptors Fans Are Signing A Giant "Get Well Soon" Card For Kevin Durant Outside Jurassic Park (VIDEO)

During Game 5, Kevin Durant hurt himself pretty bad. After a barrage of cheers and happy tweets, it seems as though Canada has a soft side as Raptors fans are signing a “get well soon” card for Durant outside Jurassic Park. 

Game 5 of the NBA finals was a nail biter. Possibly one of the most intense moments was when Durant upset an old injury. During the second quarter for the game, Durant suffered an injury to his right Achilles. This was his first game back since straining his calf. 

While having one of the opposing teams best players out for the game may seem like a good thing, some Canadians ruined their pleasant reputation and the Internet was not impressed. There were some people in the stands and on social media who were cheering on the injury.

This led several Toronto Raptors players to try to stop the crowd from cheering. Many sports fans and fellow Canadians starting calling people out for their behaviour; some calling it trashy. While many people are calling out the bullies, the mayor of Toronto is actually sticking up for the sportsmanship display and saying it was "overstated". 

Now, Raptors fans feel so bad about their behaviour that they are actually signing a “get well soon” card for Durant outside the game. 

A video of the fans has surfaced on Twitter and it's is pretty heartwarming. In the video, you can see a larger than life pink card that says “get well soon Kevin.” It is signed by “The6” which also known as Toronto. 

Everyone is signing it, even the Raptors mascot. It's incredibly cute and totally wholesome. The tweeted video, originally posted by TSN, has tons of retweets and comments. For the most part, people are thinking it was a nice gesture. 

But an overwhelming majority of people are saying that the damage of cheering on Durant’s injury is already done and a card will not make things better. 

While recovering from his injury, Durant sent out a picture of him in the hospital bed. "What’s good everybody I wanted to update you all: I did rupture my Achilles. Surgery was today and it was a success, EASY MONEY,” said Durant. 

Hopefully this gigantic card gives him the love and wellness he deserves at this moment! 

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