The Raptors are currently gearing up for Game 6 of the NBA finals against the Golden State Warriors. People all across the nation are getting ready to watch the potentially history-making game. Many fans have been lining up for days so they can watch the game at Jurassic Park in Toronto. However, their efforts may have been in vain, because Raptors fans were told to leave Toronto's Jurassic Park due to the weather conditions not being safe enough. 

According to Environment Canada, there is a severe risk of thunderstorms this afternoon and throughout the night. These thunderstorms may be accompanied by lightning during tonight's game.

Chris Murphy, meteorologist with the Weather Network, stated that Jurassic Park would be shut down if lightning should strike.

According to a tweet by Michelle Mackey with the Weather Network, fans in line for Jurassic Park have been given wrist bands and are being asked to leave.

They were being told to come back later at 6 PM ET as being outside with the current weather is too dangerous. In an interview, a woman told Mackey that fans may move inside for the viewing.

However, according to a recent tweet by CP24, the tailgate viewing party for Game 6 will proceed as planned at Jurassic Park, though people were previously asked to leave the line.

Photos have been surfacing online and by the looks of it, the line is clearing significantly. According to CP24, at 10 AM there were around 150 fans waiting in line for the doors to open at 7 PM.

In some photos, you can see that rather than leaving, some fans have started to cover themselves in rain gear in hopes of sticking out everything Mother Nature has in store.