Last night's game was a close one, to say the least. The Warriors were up by just one point when the game ended. Fans were devastated by the close call. Now, the NBA has released an official report on last night's game, and Raptors fans are not going to be happy to hear this. The Raptors Game 5 reps missed a crucial shooting foul against The Warriors in the last minute, according to an NBA report. 

The Warriors managed to escape getting a shooting foul that should have been called in the last two minutes of Game 5, based on the information from the last two minute report that was released by the NBA today. This foul could have been a game changer.

When Raptors player Gasol tried to do a layup in the last minute of the game, a shooting foul should have been called on DeMarcus Cousins, who was defending him at the time, according to the report. 

The NBA league called it an incorrect non-call, with the following description in their report: "LAR and LHH show Cousins (GSW) moves from point A to point B into Gasol (TOR), initiating contact that affects his driving shot attempt." 

They also released a video of what the refs should have called a shooting foul, which you can watch on the NBA website here

Had Gasol gotten the chance to shoot two free throws as a result of the shooting foul, this could have been enough to give the Raptors a lead over the Warriors.

The league report states that all other calls by referees during the last two minutes of the game was correct. 

The NBA's last two minute report is "the league's assessment of officiated events that occurred in the last two minutes of last night's games that were at or within three points during any point in the last two-minutes of the fourth quarter," according to the website

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Game 6 of the NBA finals is coming up this Thursday at 9 PM ET. The Raptors are just one win away from the championship and fans are anxiously anticipating whether the next game will be when the Raptors make history as the first Canadian team to win the NBA finals.