Almost all of Canada was watching last night's NBA game. In fact, so many people chose to watch the game instead of doing... other things… According to Pornhub, Toronto viewership dropped because of the Raptors game 6 of the NBA finals last night. 

The Raptors had a huge viewership throughout all six games of the NBA finals. During Game 5, multiple records were broken as around 6.4 million tuned in to watch the game. 

Last night's Game 6 was no different. This history-making game drew in a massive crowd all over Canada. Fans all over have been celebrating the Raptors' historic win. While lots of people all over the nation were watching, it seems as though some Torontonians put a couple of other things on hold for the sake of the game. 

According to Pornhub Insights, traffic to the Pornhub website dropped by a massive 47% during the final match last night! “It would seem that Raptor fans were anxious to see their team doing so well,” wrote Pornhub Insights. 

As Toronto fans were celebrating the win right into the early morning, the traffic stayed around 7% below average. However, at around 1 AM local time, the website had a surge of activity and was 24% higher than normal!

While Toronto had the largest decrease in activity, it seems as though all of Canada was putting their energy into watching the game.

All of Canada viewership on Pornhub was down by 31% during the final hour of the game. At around 1 AM traffic rose again to 11% above the normal average. 

According to Pornhub Insights, Toronto is the 16th highest source of Pornhub traffic. The curated list by Pornhub mentions a total of 10 cities; coming in at number one is New York City. In fact, Toronto was the only Canadian location mentioned on the ranking.

Traffic wasn’t only down in the Toronto area. In San Francisco, it also dropped 18% by the end of the game. By the time the game was finished, it increased by about 8% above average. 

I guess it looks like people who weren't partying in the streets of Toronto wanted to do something else with their time...