You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that everyone and their dog was watching Game 5 of the NBA finals. In fact, there were so many people watching the Raptors NBA Finals Game 5 that Canadian viewership broke records and even beat out the Super Bowl! It's crazy to find out how many people were watching the game. 

The potential history-making game was held on Monday. With just one win away from the NBA title, almost everyone in Canada was watching the Raptors in anticipation. When we say almost everyone, it's not far from the truth!

There were so many people watching Game 5 that several records were broken and it is now being declared the most watched TV program of 2019. 

To put things into prescriptive for you, Game 5 had more viewers than the Super Bowl! It even surpassed viewers for some of the highest rated games including the Toronto Blue Jays playoffs in 2015. 

According to the NBA, around half of the Canadian population, around 18.2 million viewers, tuned in for all or part of the 2019 NBA finals. 

Not only did it break records for 2019, but overall! Other than Olympic broadcasts which bring in a massive viewership, the game on Monday was ranked in the top 10 most-watched sports broadcast on record in Canada!

According to CP24, audience viewership peaked at about 8.5 million at around 11:32 PM ET. This was evidently the same time the game was coming down to the nail-biting finish. 

This record-breaking audience is huge; making it one of the biggest games in Raptors history. It is also classified as the most-watched program ever for Rogers Media and is the biggest audience ever for an NBA game in the country!

To top it all off, Game 5 was officially named the most watched program on Canadian TV this calendar year. It even surpassed the Big Bang Theory finale by 11%. 

The finals aren’t over, so who knows what new record could be set by Game 6? With just one win away from the title, the Raptors will be taking on the Warriors yet again in Oakland this Thursday. Maybe we can break even more records!