Joining a new team can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned of NBA players, and on Wednesday night that craziness finally got to Raptors newcomer, Jeremy Lin. Lin may have avoided falling in the same pit that his teammate and fellow newcomer Marc Gasol did by nailing the Raptor’s bizarre warmup routine, but his own slip up is just as disorienting.

In a lapse of judgment, Lin threw on the gear of his teammate Kyle Lowry, which makes sense when you remember that Lowry wears number 7 and Lin wore that number during his glory days or his “Linsanity” years. Lin has worn lucky number 7 on five different NBA teams throughout his career: Hornets, Hawks, Rockets and the Warriors.

Lin’s own account of the confusing moment is pretty humble and laid back, “I actually put it on and came out and then realized I didn’t have my practice jersey,” said Lin. “They said it should have been on my loop so I went back in and realized ‘Oh, I’m not No. 7 any more.’ So just little things like that, learning everybody and everything. I need to figure out where to get the food, where to ice, all that stuff.”

Lowry and Leonard were both excused from practice today. Standard extended vacation for the guys that played in the ASG. We joked with Lin: don't tell Kyle you wore his stuff, or at least blame it on somebody else.

February 21, 2019

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Despite the embarrassing mix-up, Lin was anything but confused when he made his Raptors debut hitting a respectable eight in points in under 30 minutes alongside some notable rebounds and assists. Lin will likely play a significant role on the team especially with point guard Fred VanVleet is stuck on the sidelines due to a broken thumb.

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Not only is Lin a great player; he is also a seat filler with over two million Twitter followers he stands as one the most popular players in the NBA today. He is the first Taiwanese-American player in the sport’s history and as a result, has become a role model for Asian-Americans who have gone mostly unrepresented in sports and media.

Lin still has plenty of time to settle into his new role with the Raptors and once he does, it is going to be very exciting.