Fans Camped Out All Night In Toronto For The New Raptors OVO Championship Gear (VIDEOS)

Time and time again, Raptors fans are proving that there's nothing they wouldn't do to support their team. Fans lined up at Toronto's Jurassic Park days ahead of the Finals games just to secure a spot inside the viewing area. Some camped out overnight in front of the stage at the Raptors victory parade. Now, they've even waited all night to get the new Raptors OVO Championship hat and clothing that just dropped.

Videos taken overnight show hundreds of fans lining up outside of Real Sports apparel inside Scotiabank Arena as early as Thursday evening. The line got so long that it started wrapping around the venue and surrounding streets. As of Friday morning, fans were queuing up all the way from Union Station.

People posted up with their folding chairs and made a night of it, eating pizza and cracking open some drinks like it was a picnic.

At least it was warm enough to spend the night outside under the stars.

Apparently, things got chaotic pretty quickly, though.

Someone even recorded a time-lapse video of the ever-growing lineup and it's pretty wild:

The line may be long, but it seems like it's worth the wait. It's a pretty sweet hat: