In the city that Drake grew up in, there's a lot of respect around his October's Very Own brand. It seems like any time Torontonians see the gold owl or the letters "OVO" brandished on apparel, they just have to get their hands on it. And it turns out that Raptors OVO gear like the team's practice jerseys is so popular that when the shirts were released a couple of months ago, a waiting list of over 7,000 built up. The jerseys sold out in 10 minutes flat.  

Drake's brand's sponsorship of the Raptors training gear was the first practice partnership of its kind in NBA history, according to Forbes.

The story reported that the waiting list for these jerseys grew to over 5,000 between their announcement in March 2019 and their release in November.

However, the Raptors' parent company MLSE told Narcity in an email that the line for demand was actually 7,000 long.*

"The practice jersey was initially announced on March 14, 2019 along with the OVO Athletic Centre but it was noted that the jersey wouldn’t be available until the off-season," MLSE told Narcity in an email.

And when the gear finally did go live on November 20, 2019, the sell-out time was absolutely incredible.

"We’ve only released the jersey once this past year, along with an apparel collection that included OVO/Raptors branded pants, hoodies, etc," says MLSE.

"Both the jerseys and the collection went out of stock in 10 minutes."

And the company says that was no flash in the pan, either.

"That list, as well as the speed with which the jersey sold out in November and feedback from our followers, are indicative of the consistent demand for the jersey."

The jerseys retailed for $148, rising to $168 if you wanted a player's name emblazoned on the shirt.

Now, this may not come as much of a shock when it comes to the OVO brand. After all, fans lined up for hours to get the OVO Raptors NBA Championship gear in the summer and it was wild.

Stores were reporting that the gear was selling out across Canada in incredible time.

And, of course, just a few days ago, fans of the brand could be seen standing in lineups that wrapped around whole buildings in order to get into a warehouse sale.

MLSE is certainly aware of how popular the OVO brand is with Raps supporters, citing OVO collabs as some of their best-sellers.

However, they say there's no word on any future re-releases of the practice jerseys as they are limited edition. So, if you were banking on a restock, that may not come true.

And if you're looking for hot info on upcoming releases, you'll have to be patient, too.

But as long as the Drake-OVO-Raptors connection continues, we're sure there'll be future collabs in the works at some point. Petition to get Fred VanVleet Jr. working as the model?

You'll just need to be quick on the draw when it happens.

*This article has been updated.