Millions of Raptors fans gathered into the streets of downtown Toronto yesterday to celebrate the very first Raptors championship in NBA history. While the crowds were enjoying the festivities of the historic parade throughout most of the day, they left behind quite a mess when the parade came to an end. Torontonians are now sharing their disappointment with Raptors fans after garbage was left littered across the streets of downtown Toronto. 

While the parade was long and the streets were crowded, Raptors fans seemed to forget that the respectful Canadian thing to do is to make sure you pick up after yourselves. Soon after the parade ended, photos were posted on social media showing heaps of trash left behind along the parade route. It seems as if a majority of the parade viewers didn't bother finding a trash can and littered the streets with wrappers, water bottles, and coffee cups. 

One person even showcased a 'garbage tornado' as piles of trash were being blown around by the wind after paradegoers cleared out of the area. 

This left the cleanup crew hard at work, removing the piles of garbage from the streets in attempts to get the streets cleaned up and ready for Monday night traffic. 

The Raptors parade travelled from Exhibition Place and ended in Nathan Phillips Square where a rally was held for the team. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment revealed that two million fans were set to attend the parade yesterday and streets were overcrowded as masses flooded to the parade route. 

With that many people in attendance, it was expected that some trash would end up in the streets. However, Torontonians are disappointed in how poorly the streets looked once the parade was over. 

Torontonians took to social media to share their disappointment in those who littered throughout the streets throughout the day. Many stated that it should be the responsibility of the parade participants to pick up their trash and to be respectful to the city. 

While spirits were high throughout the day, many feel that parade onlookers could have shown their Canadian side by picking up their own trash.  

*Disclaimer: Photo used for illustrative purposes only.