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Raptors Fans Sang O’ Canada In Oracle Arena After Last Night's Win & It Was Beautiful (VIDEO)

Raptors fans flooded the Oracle Arena's lower bowl last night to celebrate.
Raptors Fans Sang O’ Canada In Oracle Arena After Last Night's Win & It Was Beautiful (VIDEO)

Toronto Raptors fans in Oakland’s Oracle Arena had the opportunity of a lifetime on Wednesday night - the chance to bask in glorious victory on enemy territory.  By the end of the Raptors vs Warriors Game 3, the morale in the Oracle Arena was pretty low. The Raptors were up by 17 points and Oakland fans were heading for the exits. It was a good night to be a die-hard Raptors fan, and they weren’t afraid to show it.

Following the game, a group of Raptors super-fans came together in the lower bowl of Oracle Arena to celebrate their team's epic win. The gathering of Toronto fans triumphantly belted out O’Canada making sure that all the Warrior fans who stuck around could hear them. The Raptors are now just two wins away from winning the NBA Championship and making history for their franchise.

Even the players had things to say about their passionate fans. According to, Raptors shooting guard Danny Green was loving their support:

"Our fans have been amazing for us throughout the whole season, and in the playoffs especially...We'll come back home hopefully keeping them proud, up in the series," Green said. "Raptors fans are crazy. They're everywhere... Hopefully (we'll) give them their first title."

The Raptors fans' post-game rendition of O' Canada got rave reviews, but the national anthem performance before the game was less of a hit. Saskatchewan-born singer Tenille Arts sang Canada's anthem at the start of Wednesday's game. It’s safe to say that many fans weren't too impressed with her take on the tune. In fact, some people downright hated it.

The Raptors and the Golden State Warriors will face off in the Oracle Arena once again this Friday, June 7th, at 9:00 PM.

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