Now that Ontario is starting to slowly reopen some of its businesses, John Tory has revealed that not everywhere will have the same regulations. Densely populated areas like downtown Toronto will be more complicated to get back up and running because of the threat of crowds. Re-opening downtown Toronto will mean making appointments ahead of time for curbside pickup and even restaurants.  Yesterday, Ford announced that more retail stores can start doing curbside pickup starting Monday. However, suburban areas with less foot traffic will have an easier time with lines than some shops in dense downtown Toronto. Toronto mayor John Tory addressed this issue in a COVID-19 update Thursday morning. "Suburbs may be a simpler...question in that a lot of the stores that have those entrances are in strip malls so it's easier to pick up at curbside," Tory said in an interview to CP24.  "In the more concentrated downtown area we're gonna have to rely on working very closely with businesses to work out a regime."It looks like it won't be as simple as just opening up shop. Lines have been an issue in Toronto since the lockdown began, and officials fear it will get even worse when people are allowed to go out again. 

Tory has said that making appointments for everything will most likely be the new normal for a while. This means that your curbside pickup order will also come with a time of day for you to come to get it."I think you might see businesses making appointments for you to come pick up your goods...You've ordered a new jacket, and you're gonna come pick up your jacket at three o'clock and somebody else is gonna pick theirs up at four so that you avoid the one thing we're trying to avoid, which is crowd scenes," Tory said. 

Last week, Tory mentioned that this might become the new normal for Toronto as things start to slowly reopen over the next few months. 

Reservations at resturants may also be required to ensure that there is no heavy foot traffic in denser areas of the city.  

Even going to the gym may require an appointment as the city slowly starts to return back to normal.  It will be a strange adjustment, but Tory is stressing that this is the best way to avoid overcrowding and a potential second wave of the virus.

However, when it comes to returning back to normal, things are slowly starting to look up. 

On Wednesday, the City of Toronto changed its advice from "stay at home" to "keep your distance" while outside.