Real talk: chocolate is LIFE. Actually, peanut butter is basically life, too. And both together? That's actually on a whole other plane of awesome - which is exactly why REESE chocolate is pretty much the perfect snack. 

But even though those classic, peanut butter filled, milk chocolatey cups are pure happiness in snack form - well, last year, REESE somehow managed to step up the game and introduce to us quite possibly the world's greatest invention: the REESE Big Cup Stuffed With Pieces. AKA a huge Peanut Butter Cup filled with tiny, yummy REESE's Pieces. AKA #cupfusion. AKA literal joy.

Via Narcity

That's all well and good, but guess what? Once again, REESE changed the game, this time by releasing (wait for it) their brand new REESE Miniatures Stuffed With Pieces! Y a s s s! 

The new REESE Miniatures Stuffed With Pieces are just like the REESE Big Cup, except miniature. And more shareable. Forget breaking your Big Cup into a million tiny pieces to share with your friends, guys, because this snack has totally got you all covered! (Plus, it's basically the perfect party snack. Show up with a bowl of these babies and watch yourself become the most popular person at your next gathering!).

Via Narcity

We were actually lucky enough to taste the REESE Miniatures Stuffed with Pieces… and guys, no joke, they’re on a whole other level of awesome. They’re not even on this plane. 

It’s all the deliciousness of a REESE cup, except in compact form - and then stuffed with sweet, sweet, crunchy bites of REESE’S Pieces. Omg. It goes without saying that this snack is an actual, legit game changer! 

And the best part is that these perfectly shareable and portable morsels of joy are available EVERYWHERE in Canada. So no matter where you are in the country, you can share some happiness with your friends. And with yourself. Awesome! 

Via Reese Canada

For more information on REESE's new Miniatures Stuffed With Pieces, check out REESE's official website and Facebook page!