Some people are just addicted to spicy food. Hot sauce on everything, habanero and chilli peppers are their best friends, and they have a serious love for the sensation of a mouth on fire.

These individuals can never order a plain dish at a restaurant and if they do, (because they have no other option) they load up on Tabasco or Franks in order to complete their meal. Do you, your S/O or BFF have a serious addiction for spicy food? Here's a list of 8 hot restaurants, every spicy food lover will die to go to over and over again once they try their speciality firing dishes:

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1. Hot Spicy Spicy // 173 Ravel Rd.

The choice of Szechuan dishes at Hot Spicy Spicy is unlimited and they are sure darn good. The eye-watering essence of smoky Szechuan chilies will tingle your tongue once your try their Popcorn Chicken.

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2. Duff's Famous Wings // 558 College St.

Looking for the spiciest wings in Toronto? The Armageddon Wings are on a whole new level spicy at Duff's Famous Wings. The wings are sauced up in vinegary habanero and scotch bonnet, that will satisfy every spicy lovers taste buds. Duff's warns you though, medium is hot, medium hot is very hot, and hot is very very hot. Think you've got what it takes to mow down the spiciest wings? Well, you'll have to beat the highest record that stands at 52 Armageddons on the Wall of Pain.

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3. Nazareth // 969 Bloor St.W

You will find affordable and delicious spicy food at this Ethiopian restaurant. One of the spiciest items is doro wat, a filling stew which has berbere spices in it and features chicken and whole boiled eggs.

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 4. Saffron Spice Kitchen // 459 Queen St W.

No spicy food list could be complete without Indian cuisine. Saffron Spice Kitchen is at the top of the list when it comes to serving Indian spicy food in Toronto. The Devil Spicy Chilli Chicken Curry would be the most spiciest dish on the menu, which features plenty of fresh seasoning and exotic spices.

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5. Holy Chuck // multiple locations.

Obviously the kingdom of burgers in Toronto has a burger loaded with chilli! The Holy Ghost Burger was specifically crafted for all you chilli head lovers! Holy Chucks even came up with a challenge that consists of eating this spicy burger in it's entirety within 10 minutes, while you remain seated at your table for 5 minutes, before you're declared a winner (you're also not allowed to consume a beverage up until you've been declared a winner.)

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6. El Fogon // 543 St.Clair W.

Peruvian cuisine uses plenty of spice in its food. For example, The Leche de Tigre served at El Fogon, holds a delicious spicy flavor in the ceviche. Peruvians often spice up this dish with "aji" (a prime spicy pepper) to enhance and create an extremely spicy meal.

7. Home Of Hot Taste // 5 Glen Cameron Rd.

If you're a lover of spicy fried chicken, this Korean joint is the place for you. Home of Hot Taste will become your next go-to spot because they have a separate "blazzing fire" menu, for those who enjoy having their mouth burn. Pair it up with some rice and kimchi and you're asking for a spicy food lover's heaven.

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8. Udupi Palace // 1460 Gerrard St E.

This Indian vegetarian restaurant specializes in litt cuisine! Many of their dosas (a pancake made from a fermented batter) and curries are filled with spicy goodies.