If you're like us, you're often horrified by how much waste is generated by ordering a take-out meal. Well, a Toronto restaurant has launched an initiative to combat single-use take-out containers and implemented reusable take-out containers for their customers. Farm'r Eatery & Catering beside St. Lawrence Market is pushing the idea in an attempt to help curb the phenomenal amount of waste that comes with ordering food.

The scheme is Farm'r's way of dealing with the frustration that comes with all the waste created due to traditional take-out containers and all of their various plastics.

"For dine-in, we use real plates and cutlery, then wash them for the next customer (so) the waste is minimal," says Kyle Webster, the restaurant's Executive Chef, in a press release.

"Unfortunately with take-out there is the container plus there can be a bag and one-use cutlery which really adds up. We are going through a ton of disposable products."

So it was decided to look into other ways to reduce the amount of waste created and find an effective, long-lasting solution. The initiative, which will see the eatery try out a reusable glass container, won't be forced on customers, but it is encouraged.

The cost of a reusable container is $4 but you can get a full refund when you bring it back the next time you arrive. If you have your own containers at home, even better! You can get a 50-cent discount on every plate. The container offered is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

"Yes, it's more work to offer a reusable container and to wash them, but if we can start the habit now, maybe one day it can catch on and we can make a real impact," says Webster.

As of now, Farm'r is testing this method out and has launched it for pick-up through the food-order app Ritual. 

Farm'r is a pretty popular farm-to-table dine-in and take-out restaurant in downtown Toronto that offers build-your-own-plate healthy everyday meals.

If you find yourself exploring the St. Lawrence Market and you'd like to check this out, head over to Farm'r Eatery & Catering, right at 140A The Esplanade.

They hope that this initiative inspires other restaurants to follow suit and, to be honest, so do we.

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