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Ripley's Aquarium Is Giving Away An Epic Prize For It's 10 Millionth Guest, Here’s How To Win

You can win an amazing prize pack for an incredible visit to Toronto.

If you needed the perfect excuse to go to Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto this summer, today is your lucky day. A trip under the sea is honestly fun for locals and tourists alike, with no age limit on enjoying all the amazing underwater creatures! 

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The aquarium is looking to celebrate this week and one lucky person will be able to get the prize of a lifetime just for coming to look at the beautiful sea life in Toronto's core. 

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Ripley's Aquarium announced on their website that their visitor numbers are slowly climbing and that they have almost had ten million guests visit since opening in October 2013. 

From their estimations, they believe that they're lucky 10 millionth visitor will be arriving tomorrow on August 16th, sometime between 10:00 and 11:00 AM. What that visitor doesn't know is that there is an epic prize just waiting for their arrival. 

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If you're planning on visiting Ripley's tomorrow you have the chance to win a Toronto based prize pack that will lead to an amazing trip in Ontario's capital. 

The 10 millionth Ripley's Aquarium visitor will receive a totally private sleepover in the aquariums Dangerous Lagoon attraction for as many as 12 friends, a trip up the CN Tower for dinner at the 360 Restaurant, and a behind the scenes tour of the facility. 

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And honestly, that's not even the full prize. You also will win aquatic-themed decor, robes, and pyjamas, plus a souvenir photo, sleepover activities, gift bags, snacks, drinks, and your own personal dive show. There is also a one-night free stay in the 4.6 star Delta Hotel in Toronto. 

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Considering that you could win a sleepover of a lifetime by checking out the coolest aquarium in Canada, this deal could seriously not get any sweeter!

While there is no definite way to win, the time zone gives you a good idea of when you should be planning your trip. Don't be late to Ripley's tomorrow otherwise, you may just risk losing it all! 

For more information about Ripley's Aquarium and their 10 millionth visitor prize, you can get more information here