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Roatán Absolutely Needs To Be On Your Travel Bucket List This Winter

Embrace your wanderlust!
Roatán Absolutely Needs To Be On Your Travel Bucket List This Winter

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It's about that season; the season of cold air and less sunlight. It's OK. You don't need to fret because we have a solution.

This time of year is also when you're probably thinking about booking your next getaway adventure, and what better place to go than a tropical island? Imagine less crowds, LOADS of sun, and beautiful sights.

We're talking the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere and pristine white beaches to squish your toes into. I know, it sounds like tropical heaven, right? That's why you need to plan your next getaway to Roatán, Honduras. 

Luckily for you, WestJet will begin offering non-stop flights to Roatán starting December 15. To keep things super simple, you can book a package with WestJet Vacations to get your flights and hotel in one stop. Easy peasy! 

Doesn't it look b-e-a-utiful?! I think anyone would enjoy a good float on that water. 

Roatán isn't all looks. There's plenty of exciting things to do on the island besides soaking up some much-needed sunrays. 

For one, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the lighthouse reef night dive. Enjoy an evening boat tour and check out the bioluminescent ostracods coming to the water's surface to find mates (Google THAT one).

Basically, the waters will start glowing a beautiful path of star-like beads. It's absolutely stunning. Certified night divers can jump in for a better look! 

Check out Gumbalimba park and walk some of the best trails nature has to offer. You can participate in water and beach activities, explore 20 acres of land, and walk over a suspension bridge to get the best view of 200 plant and tree species, Capuchin monkeys, exotic birds, lizards, iguanas, flowers, and butterflies. 

It's bananas how much you can see in one trip! 

Roatán is also known for having exquisite food. You can find vendors on the main road near Half Moon Bay. From the afternoon and well into the night, you can enjoy a variety of delicious food options such as BBQ chicken, homemade tortillas, rice, and beans. 

OK, my stomach is officially ready! 

Now that you know all about why you should visit Roatán, you should also know that you can travel there with WestJet on their new non-stop flights. It's only about a five-hour flight from Toronto, and well worth it! 

WestJet enriches the lives of everyone by providing safe, friendly, and affordable air travel. They're known for being Canada's most trusted airline and have even won awards for their culture and care. When it comes to air travel, everyone definitely appreciates trust and quality! 

In addition to non-stop flights to Roatán, WestJet also offers services to 100 destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Their services take guests to more than 150 destinations in more than 20 countries, like Roatán! 

Travel to Roatán this winter on a non-stop flight through WestJet

When: Starting December 15 

Why You Need To Go: It's the perfect winter adventure for you and your S/O or BFFs. 

Learn more about WestJet and Roatán on WestJet's website, or check out their Facebook and Instagram.

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