Rogers Experienced A Service Outage In Ontario And These Cities That Were Affected

Rogers customers have been waiting hours for their cable, internet, and cell phone service to come back.
Rogers Experienced A Service Outage In Ontario And These Cities That Were Affected

UPDATE (18/10/18 8:32 AM ET): Rogers has released the following statement regarding the service outage -  "This evening some customers that use 3rd party internet providers may have experienced a disruption in their services. All services are back up and running now, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience."

Many Canadians in Ontario were looking forward to coming home on legalization day and enjoying a relaxing night at home, but sadly Rogers customers have been left in the dark. 

The telecommunications company that provides tons of Ontarians with cellphone, internet and cable use is having a province-wide outage. Numerous Canadians have taken to social media to try and get answers as to why they can't access the internet when Rogers confirmed they are experiencing an issue across multiple cities in the province. 

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Hi! Service interruptions can be very inconvenient. I rely on the same services and any downtime is tough to deal with. We are not experiencing an Ontario-wide outage. Please feel free to DM us to have more information about your area. ^ll

October 17, 2018

The company originally stated that the outage was local to Markham, Ontario before customers flooded their Twitter claiming that they were without service across the province. 

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A map on "Canadian Outages", a website that tracks service outages across the country, shows that primarily southern Ontario is lacking service. Not only are customers in Toronto and GTA without service, Ottawa, Kitchener, London, and Windsor are also major cities that are currently down. 

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Currently, there is no word as to when service will be restored for Ontarians but customers have been waiting as long as 3 hours for their service to kick back in. 

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Considering that October 17th is the perfect day to relax and watch Netflix it's a total buzzkill that many people across the province have no access to the internet. Rogers has a total of over 10 million wireless subscribers in Canada, and that means a large part of their Ontario customer base is currently helpless without their wifi. 

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