Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Toronto Right Now

Unreal destinations, unbeatable prices!
Round Trip Flights For Under $400 You Can Get From Toronto Right Now

We're nearing that time of year where the weather decides to have some radical mood swings like raining for two weeks straight, dropping to negative temperatures at night, and dumping piles of snow on us out of nowhere.

It's really hard to have a good outlook on life when Mother Nature is playing tricks on you every day. Unfortunately, that's just something we all have to get used to living here in Canada. 

While most of us can deal with these crazy weather patterns and maybe even look forward to the frigid temperatures and buckets of snow that's bound to return, others aren't so excited. If you're one of the many who aren't ready to accept the inevitability of winter, you should definitely consider booking a trip to get your mind off the topic. 

Jetting off to a tropical destination is the perfect escape that, luckily enough, doesn't have to break the bank. These vacation spots are all offering round-trip flights from Toronto right now for under $400! You can find most of these steals on sites offering flight deals like Skyscanner and Kayak. It's definitely worth keeping your eye on. After all, every day is a good day for a vacation. 

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags.

Varadero, Cuba 

Price: $234-$348

Cuba is a dream destination for anyone who wants a good mix of rich culture and beach time on their vacation. You can rent one of their adorable '60s cars and drive along the coast, lounge on the white sand and tan, or explore the cities filled with rich architecture. All of these amazing things can be enjoyed because of the insanely cheap flight prices.

Dublin, Ireland

Price: $394

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Dublin, Ireland is probably already at the top of your travel list and has been for a while now. The home of probably the friendliest people in the world, and Guinness beer, Dublin is the coolest spot for tourists. Right now, Icelandair is offering a super cheap flight to Dublin for under $400 and we can't believe it! Usually, flights here are double the price.

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Price: $160-$258

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For the entire month of October, round-trip flights to Iceland are super cheap! The majority of flights are under $200 which is just insane for a round-trip flight, seriously when does that ever happen?? Getting into November the prices definitely go up but you can still find some days that are offering these killer deals. You'll be soaking in the Blue Lagoon in no time at these prices!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Price: $172-$377

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Sure, Mexico is a super popular destination that everyone already knows about but that doesn't make it any less amazing. A beach vacation to Mexico is exactly what we all need this fall before the cold, frigid winter strikes. Right now you can get amazing deals on round-trip flights down South that you absolutely need to take advantage of!

Belize City, Belize

Price: $173-$303

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If you're looking for the perfect sunny beach getaway, Belize should be at the top of your list. Belize is located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea and is home to an endless amount of jungle areas to explore. Right now you can get amazing flight deals that will give you the perfect tropical escape from your everyday life.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Price: $177- $354

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Puerto Rico is the perfect mix of stunning beaches, lush jungles, and fascinating history and architecture that will make for the perfect getaway. Here you can find anything you'll ever want in a vacation destination and for seriously great prices! There are some amazing deals on round-trip flights here right now that you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Price: $242-$316

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Time for a trip to Canada's west coast gem? We think HECK YES! Vancouver is one of the best cities in Canada to visit and if you haven't had the chance to explore the west coast yet, now is your chance. Usually, flights all the way from Toronto to Vancouver are super expensive, but right now you can find some really affordable prices!

San Jose, Costa Rica

Price: $205-$266

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Costa Rica is full of hidden paradises just waiting to be discovered! You can find everything from sandy beaches, a secret waterfall oasis hidden in the jungle, to monkeys hanging out outside your door in the morning. Flights to San Jose, the country's capital, are super affordable right now and from there you can take buses or other flights to tons of different tropical locations within Costa Rica!

New York City, New York

Price: $107-$149

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I think we can all agree that New York City is the ultimate travel destination in the US and if you haven't been there yet you've got to go. There's an almost unlimited amount of things to do, places to see, and unreal food to eat while you're here — you won't be bored for a second. There are tons of ways to get from Toronto to New York City but flying is definitely the easiest and right now the flights are all under $200 round trip!

Savannah, Georgia

Price: $174-$300

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Pretty much every US city costs under $400 round trip for Canadians to fly to but why not try somewhere off the beaten path? Spots like Tampa, LA, and Chicago are already filled with tourists but a visit to the historic and beautiful city of Savannah will be totally unique! Stroll through the parks and roads teeming with gorgeous live oak trees, find historic houses and museums around every corner, and enjoy all the unique restaurants as well!

Clearly, these are some killer deals so we know you're going to be taking advantage of them ASAP. Find the Dublin flight deal here and all the other deals here.