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Round Trip Flights From Toronto To London And Paris Will Be On Sale For $440 In 2018

Planning a trip to see Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower sometime soon? This might help - select flights to London and Paris from Toronto will be sold at reduced prices next year.

WOW Air, Iceland's low cost carrier, is selling round trip flights for just $440. According to Google Flights, customers can purchase London or Paris trips at that price from mid-January to mid-February 2018:



Of course, to increase your chancesof availing of these deals, it's best that you book now (or as early as possible). You can manipulate the departure and return dates on Google Flights to your liking and you'll still be able to get the $440 deal, as long as the dates are within the sale periods.

The one catch is that these deals are only valid for WOW Basic, which doesn't include amenities like checked-in baggage. You would need to pay extra for WOW Plus to get those amenities.

Here are some example flights you can book:

1. Toronto to London - $440

  • Trip period: Jan 14 to Jan 19 (5 days)
  • Type: WOW Basic

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2. Toronto to Paris - $440

  • Trip period: Jan 14 to Jan 19 (5 days)
  • Type: WOW Basic

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Check out the links below to see other dates:

  • Book your trip to London on Google Flights here.
  • Book your trip to Paris on Google Flights here.

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