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John Tory Keeps Trying To Convince Prince Harry & Meghan Markle To Move To Toronto

He said the city would welcome them with open arms.
Royal Couple's Move To Canada Has Prompted A Warm Welcome From Toronto's Mayor

It looks like Mayor John Tory has extended a warm welcome to Harry and Meghan since the royal couple's move to Canada has been announced. Though it has not yet been confirmed where in the country the family would be living, Tory has said that Toronto would be here for them "with open arms" should they choose to settle here.

However, since the announcement, it looks like Prince Harry and Meghan may still be deciding where to move, and it might even be on the west coast. That hasn't stopped Mayor Tory from dreaming though. He sat down with CP24 and gave them some details on how Toronto would welcome the royal couple.

For one, Tory states that they would have to amp up security, as they do for other celebrities who come to the city. Security cooperation from the RCMP and Toronto Police would be a likely necessity for them, which Tory says is "reasonable."

Most celebrities that pass through Toronto get the same protection, and the royal couple would be no exception.The mayor also revealed that this would get federal funding and that they are welcome in Toronto if they choose to live there.“If she wants to come back to Toronto and the two of them do, we would welcome them with open arms,” Tory told CP24.

“I think it would be a great thing to have them here and they are always most welcome,” Tory continued.

“This is a welcoming city, especially for members of the royal family and for those two, who I think we feel we know quite well already.”Tory also mentioned that Toronto would be a chill place for people of high status because they wouldn't be bothered too much. "I think they can be guaranteed that aside from the foreign press, they’ll be left alone more or less."

“I think people would be excited to see them, but you know they don’t harass people here who are celebrities of a sort and I think that’s one of the reasons they might be thinking they can come here, certainly to Canada and quite possibly to Toronto.”

Meghan had already lived in Toronto for about eight years while she was filming Suits, and the two have been spotted here together publicly in the past. 

They wouldn't need to get visas, for example, which is super convenient and all the more reason to hop across the pond. Timmies also offered them free coffee for life, which could be a game-changer. 

So far, though, where they will move is still open to speculation. According to Tory, nobody has approached the City about future accommodation. However, this isn't the first time that Tory has welcomed the family to Toronto. In December, Tory attempted to get the royal couple to vacation in the 6ix by tweeting, "Welcome to Canada Prince Harry, Meghan and Archie. You’re always welcome in Toronto. @MapleLeafs and @Raptors jerseys are awaiting Archie’s visit!"

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