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Ryerson University Might Get A Major Name Change

Even the president agrees.

Ryerson U is a notable academic institution in Toronto. Celebrated by alumni, students and celebrities alike, Ryerson acts as a pillar of education and growth for Toronto's youth. Named after Egerton Ryerson, a minister, educator, politician, as well as the key architect in the design of Residential Schools - a system that devastated millions of Native American families. 

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While the student union has rebelled against Ryerson's racist history in the past, this past Canada Day the Ryerson Student Union refused to celebrate and instead, sparked a revolution entitled: Colonialism 150, demanding justice, representation for Indigenous students and most troubling to the university, a name change. 

The Ryerson Student Union posted a list of requests to better celebrate indigenous culture on their Facebook page on July first. The most note-worthy being the removal of Egerton Ryerson's statue from campus and changing the name of the university to, "a name that does not celebrate a man who supported and created the structures of colonial genocide." 

While the Student Union didn't offer any suggestions as to what Ryerson should be renamed to, the chances of it happening are very high. RSU president Susanne Nyaga supports the the demands, put together by vice-president of equity, Camryn Harlick. 

Source: Metro News