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Ryerson University's New Law School Plans To Start Accepting Applications In September

Ryerson's Faculty of Law is slated to be up and running by September 2020.

Ryerson University has officially greenlit plans to open a brand new law school. Ryerson's Faculty of Law is slated to be up and running by September 2020 and will start accepting applications in 2019, despite the Ontario government rejecting the school's request for funding in November. The three-year program will be a combination of semester-long courses and intensive boot camps on a variety of subjects including Technology Innovation, Coding and Finance. 

According to Ryerson's Faculty of Law website, the new law school "will offer a bold new approach to legal education designed to incorporate technology more effectively in legal practice". 

Right now, Ryerson is aiming to offer lower tuition costs compared to other Toronto-based law programs. At $20,000 a year, it will be $7,000 cheaper than York University's Osgoode Hall and $18,000 cheaper than the University of Toronto's law school.

But, there's a catch. As it stands, students enrolled at Ryerson's law school will be ineligible for an OSAP loan. Ryerson University President Mohamed Lachemi says that the school isn't asking for new funding from the Ontario government, only the opportunity for students to apply for financial assistance. “Even in terms of OSAP, this will not cost the government extra money,” says Lachemi. However, it looks like the provincial government is refusing to budge.

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The reason? Ontario has enough law schools as it is, and the number of lawyers in the province greatly outnumbers the job opportunities, says the Ontario government. However, Ryerson is going through with the plans anyway and will begin accepting applications in September 2019. 

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To find out more about Ryerson's new Faculty of Law, see their official website.

Source: The Globe and Mail