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Say Hello To McDonald's Newest Menu Item: The CBO

Your new favourite thing.

On Thursday, I attended a Flavour Session, an event hosted by McDonald's® Canada. It was to celebrate the launch of an all new product that's being released in Canada this week. I got to experience this new product for the first time, with a few other super-fans that were invited, and man, it was dope. But more on that later.

As I just mentioned, the event was attended by a lot of bloggers and vloggers working in the Toronto area. I met food bloggers, culture bloggers, and YouTube sensations, and McDonald's super-fans. They ranged from people for whom blogging was just a hobby, to people for whom blogging was their main source of income.

Everyone was friendly and excited. At every cluster of people I joined, the conversation centered around what this new McDonald's product was going to be. I heard a lot of different theories, from a new type of breakfast sandwich, to ribwiches.

After a couple of speeches, we were all seated at a bunch of fancy tables, and the meal was revealed. At each table was a box with the text: "CBO® " on it. Underneath that: "Chicken. Bacon. Onion."

Excitedly, we opened the boxes: There was nothing inside. It was a menu card, detailing the ingredients of the new sandwich we'd be eating.

Then our attention was directed to a cake off to the side of the room. It was huge. And it looked exactly like a CBO. In fact, a lot of people thought it was a giant burger until they were told otherwise. We heard a speech from Anne Parks, the Director of Menu Management for McDonald's Canada,  who was in charge of designing the CBO and she told us a bit about it.

We learned that the CBO was a product first launched in France, and that McDonald's had worked on ways to adjust it to the Canadian palate. Part of that was adding lots of bacon bits to the sandwich to ensure that there was a bit of bacon in every bite.

We then finally got to try the new sandwich. Each of us got a dish with a CBO box, and some McDonald's French fries. The sandwich was amazing. My first reaction was despite the fact that there was so much going on, the bacon, the chicken, the onion bun, and the creamy onion and black pepper sauce, everything worked well together.

After we'd finished up our meal (which didn't take long), it was time for CBO cake! Creamy vanilla with a chocolate trim and raspberry sauce. It was just as delicious as it sounds. We chatted, we ate, we had a merry old time. And yes, I'll be eating the CBO again.

Will you be trying McDonald's new CBO?