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Toronto's Scarborough Bluffs Are Getting A Huge Makeover Starting Now

Including new cobble beaches & trails!
Scarborough Bluffs Are Getting A Serious Makeover To Improve Accessibility

If you've ever been to the Scarborough Bluffs, you'll know they're perhaps not as accessible as they could be. But that's about to change thanks to a huge makeover of the area between now and 2021. Parts of the Bluffs are set to be transformed and we honestly can't wait to see the end result.

Plans have been in the works to upgrade and improve the Bluffs for some time now. After approval from Conservation and Parks, as well as the City of Toronto and Ministry of Environment, the Scarbrough Waterfront Project now has the green light.

A press release made available to Narcity explains there'll soon be more accessible community greenspaces, enhanced shoreline protection, and habitat improvements.

Those are all coming along an 11 km multi-use trail for users from Bluffer's Park to East Point Park.

The main point of this project is to link Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail to the Bluffs to protect and create a higher quality wildlife habitat.

Prevention of further shoreline erosion is also a key issue being addressed, as are public safety and water quality.

Obviously, as this project is just beginning, there are no images other than an artistic projection. But if it's gonna turn out like that, then it's gonna look pretty fantastic, we think!

But, of course, this project will be completed in stages, starting right now, in November 2019.

The first section of work will focus on the detailed design of the West Segment of the Scarborough Waterfront Project from Bluffer's Park to Meadowcliffe.

Work will run from this month into next year, with construction anticipated to begin in 2020. Upgrades on the Central and East Segments will follow in the future.*

According to the website, work in the west and central segments will include expanding Bluffer's Park's west end, creating new headlands at the Guild Park and Gardens area, and adding cobble beaches.

The east segment includes moving what is now the multi-use trail from the end to the top of the Bluffs at a new easy-access point.

And what's more, a new multi-use trail will connect all three segments from start to finish at the bluffs.

"For the citizens of Scarborough and the Greater Toronto Area, the Scarborough Bluffs represent a strikingly beautiful natural greenspace where they can gather with friends and family and enjoy nature," said John MacKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, TRCA.

"By adding much-needed community recreation space, completing portions of the Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail, creating habitat and increasing shoreline erosion protection, the Scarborough Waterfront Project will create a legacy for generations to come."

The designs are just getting underway so you can stay tuned here for updates and more information.

If you're excited to see what the Bluffs will look like, it's gonna be a couple of years until it's fully completed. We can't wait to see how it looks, and how Toronto will benefit.

*This article has been updated.

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