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Seafood City, A Massive Filipino Market, Is Coming To Toronto In 2017

Filipinos rejoice - Toronto will be the first place in Canada to get a Seafood City supermarket.

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Seafood Cityis a cultural icon for Filipinos all over the world. The company started off with the initial goal of providing Filipinos abroad a place where they could feel at home, through their offerings of recognizable Filipino specialties. Now, they are looking to extend their appeal to non-Filipinos by focusing on one thing that unites eaters of any race - seafood.

There will be three familiar fast-food names at the proposed Canadian Seafood City - Grill City, a specialty barbecue restaurant, Crispy Town, a fried Filipino food restaurant, and Noodle Street, a noodles and dim sum restaurant.

The proposed location for the Canadian Seafood City is Heartland Town Centre in Mississauga during the first quarter of 2017, plans may be underway to open other locations in Toronto. Chicago also opened a Seafood City just this month, and New Jersey could also be getting one in the near future.

Canada is home to 660,000 Filipinos, and that number is constantly growing. To have a Seafood City in Toronto would be a great thing not only for its significant Filipino community, but for people of any race.

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