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Serge Ibaka Is Giving Raptors Fans Scarf Tips During His Self-Isolation (VIDEO)

Ibaka is making the most of his isolation.

Canada is entering another week of self-distancing, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Just a few weeks ago, the NBA season was in full throttle and the Toronto Raptors were defending champions. Now, the team's entire roaster has been sent into self-isolation after coming into contact with COVID-19. Serge Ibaka is now using his time off to help give his fans some fashion tips. 

It has been an eerily quiet time for basketball fans who are used to getting daily updates from their sports heroes. However, not every Raptor is spending their mandatory isolation off the grid. Serge Ibaka is using his two-week isolation to teach his fans about "art."

The NBA star has launched a new project entitled How Bored Are You? an isolation-inspired spinoff of his famous YouTube series, How Hungry Are You?

Ibaka has used his new platform to stay connected with fans as well as share with them how he is dealing with his isolation and staying fit during his time off.

The 30-year-old's latest episode has him opening up about his famous "scarf game," instructing fans on how to wear a variety of different accessories.

The short segment gives an inside look at how the player manages to pull off his famous scarf look.

"Today, I'm going to talk about art — and I'm sure you guys know I love art, so I want to show you how to wear scarfs, I have three types of scarfs, and I'm going to show you how to wear them," he says during the opening of the video.

Ma Fuzzy then takes his viewers through a tutorial for each piece of clothing, which keeps getting bigger and more luxurious throughout the video.

However, this isn't the first time that the Raptors star has shown off his love for scarfs. 

Last month, Ibaka was seen gifting his entire team scarves on a flight to New York. 

"Guys, we're' going to New York right? You guys know it's very cold in New York so I got something for you guys," Ibaka says in a video.

The team was later caught posing for a photo to show off their "big scarf" energy. 

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