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Ibaka & Gasol Joke About Drake Mocking Marc's Style On The Court (VIDEO)

Big Spain wants a chat with Drizzy. 😆
Serge Ibaka Shows Marc Gasol A Video Of Drake Mocking His Fashion Sense

By now, we all know that Serge Ibaka is almost as much of a media star as he is a basketball star. The latest of his "Avec Classe" shows, posted on Monday night, welcomed big Marc Gasol and the Raptors pair joked about things including their teammates and their respective looks. Ibaka also showed Gasol an old video of Drake mocking the Spaniard's style.

Ibaka's fashion show in conjunction with Uninterrupted has proven a popular hit with fans since it launched back in December 2019.

There's been a chat with Fred VanVleet, an infamous argument over scarves with OG Anunoby, and now a pow-wow with Gasol.

And in the video posted on Uninterrupted's YouTube on Monday, March 31, Ibaka can't resist showing Marc the time he was unknowingly torn apart by Drake.

"Did you see Drake said something about your outfit?" Serge asks. "Did you see on social media?"

"Drake said something? No, what did he say?" asks an alarmed-looking Gasol.

The clip then cuts to an undated Instagram Live video from Drake's account.

In that footage, apparently shot by Drizzy from the sidelines at Scotiabank Arena, the rapper and Raptors ambassador focuses in on a smartly-dressed Gasol, who seems to be patrolling the court before the game.

Drake then zooms in to focus on Gasol's pants and shoes. "Marc, man, what? Marc, what the hell are those, man?" he asks incredulously.

The video cuts back to Serge and Marc laughing at Drake's critical opinion of Gasol's style.

"I will make sure I send you the video," says Ibaka.

"Yeah, please do," says Gasol with a wry smile. "His number, too, I want to talk to him."

Watch out, Drake, Big Spain's onto you!

We don't know about Drizzy, but we wouldn't want a mad Marc on our back.

For what it's worth, Ibaka said recently that his "Avec Classe" and "How Hungry Are You?" shows helped him bond with his Raptors teammates. He and Marc certainly seem to be having a good time here.

And while he considers himself an "artist," Serge has faced some strong words for his style too. In fact, he was trolled by none other than Kawhi Leonard himself.

In Monday's video, Ibaka and Gasol also laughed over old-school photos of the Spaniard. Everyone has some embarrassing old snaps, after all.

At times like this, with no sport being played anywhere in sight, it's hard not to be thankful for media-friendly stars like Serge.

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