Serge Ibaka Tried To Recreate The Famous Kawhi Meme With Charlamagne tha God (VIDEO)

This is the best kind of awkward.
Serge Ibaka's Kawhi Meme Was Recreated On His Youtube Show (VIDEO)

It feels like forever ago that Kawhi Leonard was hitting the court with the Toronto Raptors. Even though it hasn’t been a full year since the Boardman left us, the memories that he made with the team already feel distant. However, Serge Ibaka recently opened up about how he felt when the NBA star announced he would be joining the Clippers while hosting his popular YouTube series How Hungry Are You? Ibaka was asked about the painful experience by his guest Charlamagne tha God. However, the whole situation didn't get awkward until the Raptor tried to persuade the television personality to re-enact an iconic Kawhi moment with him.

In the brief video, Charlamagne asks Ibaka if it “hurt his feelings” when Kawhi left, to which the player responds, “A little bit, because he was a friend of mine and he was a great guy, great teammate and losing him hurt, but you’re not going to be mad about someone who tried to go home.”

Ibaka continues on to say that the rest of the Raptors already knew that Kawhi wanted to go back to L.A. but were hoping he’d change his mind and stick around for an extra year.

Charlamagne then compliments Ibaka for “catching a great meme” about the viral moment where he and Kawhi first uttered the now-famous catchphrase “What it do, baby?”

The Raptor then prods his guest to recreate the moment, which is where things get awkward as it becomes obvious that the radio presenter wants no part in the skit.

Unfortunately, the video cuts out before we get to see whether Charlamagne bites the bullet and does it or not.

However, the full-length video is scheduled to be released on Friday, so anyone who wants to know how it ends can check it out.

While Kawhi may be gone from the Raptors, it doesn't mean he's lost interest in his former teammates. 

The former Raptors player was spotted laughing it up last week with both Kyle Lowry and Stanley Johnson during the Raptors' first face off against the Clippers this season.

It was a heartwarming moment that proved that the Finals MVP still has some love for his old teammates.

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