Serge Ibaka Reveals The Brutal Text He Got From Kawhi About His Fashion Week Look

Kawhi was not a fan of Serge's "art."
Serge Ibaka's Style At Paris Fashion Week Caused Him To Get A Brutal Text From Kawhi

When it comes to fashion, Serge Ibaka's style is often considered hard to beat in Toronto. From showing off his swag during the pre-game walkthrough or out and about in the 6ix, Ibaka knows how to make heads turn. And it seems that includes the heads of his championship-winning teammates, too, including Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard.

Ibaka and Kawhi are on different teams and in different countries these days.

But in the immediately post-championship world, Leonard was taking time to troll the Raptors' self-proclaimed King of Fashion.

According to an interview with GQ published Monday, March 9, during last summer's Paris Fashion Week, Ibaka showed up sporting a neat blazer and matching skirt as one of his many, many outfits.

The get-up was a Thom Browne outfit and seems to slot in quite nicely with some of Ibaka's bolder statements.

And the attention-grabbing attire certainly wasn't ignored by Kawhi. In fact, Serge reveals he got a pretty brutal text from his teammate.

"He was like, ‘Bro, what the hell are you wearing?’" Ibaka told GQ. "And I said, ‘This is art, bro.'"

Of course, Serge responded with that. Why would we expect anything else?

But Kawhi was not having it.

"He said, 'Get the F outta here with your art!’" Ibaka recalled.

As you'll see from Ibaka's Instagram, that outfit was just one of many, many bold choices he flaunted in the French capital last year.

And when it comes to how he dresses, we already know he takes it as no joke. 

"When it’s time to dress, I have to think," Ibaka said. "I have to envision myself in a certain outfit.

"The night before, when I go to bed, I close my eyes and start thinking about the outfit I’m going to wear tomorrow: all the colours, the fabrics, how it’s going to look."

"It’s about putting the whole thing together. It’s about the way you walk. The way you talk. Your confidence. It’s art.”

That sounds like the work of a true artist to us.

So, when another Raptor messes around with fashion, he doesn't let them get away with it. 

After being trolled by OG Anunoby about scarves while on Holt Renfrew's Avec Classe series on YouTube, fans wanted a reality show.

Instead, they got the next best thing — a scarf competition.

That led to Ma Fuzzy gifting all his teammates with their own scarves, you may remember.

Still, now we know. Kawhi Leonard, not a fan of the Serge Ibaka/Thom Browne collab.

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