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Serge Ibaka's Talent Show Is Holding Virtual Open Casting Calls On Wednesday

Serge Ibaka is a man of many talents, that much has become obvious. Whether it's blocking shots, cooking meals, or being Toronto's leading fashion artist, the baller isn't shy in showing what he's got. And he's now asking Toronto to do the same, as Serge Ibaka's talent show is holding open casting calls on Wednesday, April 8.

The Congolese star announced his new initiative on Monday night, April 6 with a social media post.

"Can you sing? Are you a beatmaker? Do you do art? Are you a baller? What kind of talent do you have?" the caption begins by asking.

"So excited to present 'How talented are you?,' a live talent show on IG Live. While we are all social distancing and in quarantine, I'd like to bring positivity and reward talent and creativity."

Ibaka also confirmed he would be launching the process with an open casting call on Wednesday on his Instagram.

Entrants to his show must be 18 years of age or older. The winner will receive a signed "Ibaka" No. 9 jersey, and Ibaka's foundation will donate $20,000 towards fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the victor's city or region. 

So, are you a scarf-maker? Can you shred like Nick Nurse on the guitar? If you have a talent you'd like the world to see via Ibaka's IG, now's your time to shine.

"If you are 18+ and want to participate, follow @ouenzeentertainment and DM a video showing your special talent. We will let you know if you have been selected to participate in the first casting," Ibaka's message continued.

"Are you ready to show the world your talent?"

And who better to run the virtual talent show than Ibaka, the Raptors jack of all trades?

For Serge, this is just another way to keep busy in self-isolation. From sharing his workout routine with fans to giving vital scarf tips to the public, Ibaka has been trying his best to keep busy.

And it's not surprising to see he's named the contest after one of his popular shows, "How Hungry Are You?"

The latest installment of his fashion show, "Avec Classe," also surfaced last week.

In the clip, Ibaka and teammate Marc Gasol joked about fashion, including the time Drake mocked the oblivious Spaniard for his style choices.

And Ibaka admitted recently that he feels his popular sideshows actually helped him cement his place as a core Raptor among his teammates, as they allowed him to come out of his shell.

So, with no restart to the NBA season in sight, maybe Serge is looking to make more connections?

Either way, this is one hell of an opportunity to make a name for yourself.

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