It has only been about a month since the TTC launched 12 public service announcements voiced by Canadian actor Seth Rogen. But, already the Toronto transit system has stopped using the new announcements. 

The announcements got a lot of backlash from people who said they were annoying, hard to understand, and by others who thought that it wasn't representative of the city since Seth Rogen is from Vancouver. 

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According to the TTC, they didn't intend for the announcements to be played forever and began to wind down the so-called publicity campaign at the end of August. They claimed they worried that the announcements would get repetitive and begin to worry people. 

Many Torontonians believe the real reason behind the announcements ending was all the backlash that the TTC has faced since launching them. 

What is fellow Canadian and public transit user @Sethrogen doing posing for a selfie with me - in a #TTC Bloor-Yonge ball cap, no less? Stay tuned!

July 30, 2018

Not long after the announcements launched, people took to Twitter to share how they felt about Seth Rogen being the voice of the TTC. While some people were excited to hear the comedian's voice on their daily commutes, others weren't at all happy about it. 

On Twitter, people complained about everything from the loudness, about Seth's yelling, and just others who didn't care for the comedian's voice or thought Toronto could do better. 

Am I the only one who jumps every single time @Sethrogen’s #TTC announcements come on?! Why are you shouting at me Seth Rogen?! 🤭

August 30, 2018

@bradTTC @TorontosMayor please remove the Seth rogen lecturing on the ttc. Couldn’t be more tone deaf to the actual needs of ttc riders. I’m not paying $150 crammed on the dufferin bus and bloor line to be admonished by a Hollywood actor

August 27, 2018

The only tangible change that has happened with the @TTC under @JohnTory is the @Sethrogen announcements, which are appallingly irritating. Big thinking John, the blue-blooded do-nothing mayor. #topoli #TOElection #Keesmaat4Mayor

August 24, 2018

Seth Rogen recorded the announcements for free in July, but in total the project cost the TTC $2300 for recording and editing all 12 announcements. 

Source: National Post