Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have launched a new line of cannabis, working alongside Canopy Growth to distribute their exciting brand across Canada. Seth Rogen's all-Canadian cannabis line, called Houseplant, celebrates the legalization of the drug in Canada and hopes to get Canadians more comfortable with smoking and enjoying marijuana.

"We are so proud to be launching in Canada, our home," explained Evan Goldberg, Co-Founder of Houseplant in the company’s official statement. "After spending five years diligently preparing for the launch of this company, we're excited to be able to share our passion for cannabis with Canadians in this way."

Houseplant promises to provide both long-time users and newcomers with the highest quality cannabis product in the country. The brand will be launching three different strains over the next few months: Houseplant Sativa, Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica.

The Houseplant Sativa strain will be available for purchase in BC by early April 2019, through provincially regulated retailers and online.

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According to Houseplant, the names of the strains have been intentionally simplified to help ensure that all consumers can easily pick out their preferred strain. Cannabis strains often featured a variety of unusual names, which can be confusing for those who are new to the drug.

Rogen’s and Goldberg’s partnership with Canopy Growth, who is currently the leader in Canadian cannabis production, will undoubtedly help the new brand get off to a strong start. “The product is grown in the best facilities where experts carefully oversee each plant's growth, Houseplant strains are designed to satisfy both expert and new users,” reads a statement on the brand’s website.

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Houseplant will make its debut in British Columbia next month. Consumers will be able to purchase the product online and in retail cannabis stores. Houseplant Sativa will be the first strain to launch with the hybrid and Indica strains scheduled to come out alongside soft gels and pre-rolled joints throughout the year across Canada.