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Sex Ed, Free Prescriptions And All The Other Things Doug Ford Has Cut In Less Than 2 Weeks Of Being Ontario's Premier

It has been less than two weeks since Doug Ford was sworn in as Premier of Ontario and in that time he has been very busy and by that I mean he has cut so many things that it's getting hard to keep track.  

Since taking office, The Conservatives have announced cuts in all sorts of departments from education to health care. Here is exactly what has been canceled: 

1. Cap and Trade - i.e. the Carbon Tax

In his official first act as Premier Doug Ford scrapped the Cap and Trade Program which forced large companies to pay for their carbon emissions. By cutting the program he is hoping this will lead to lower gas prices for Ontarians

2. Green Ontario Fund

This one goes hand and hand with cancelling the Cap and Trade Program. The Green Ontario fund was in place to provide grants for people buying electric vehicles or making renovations to their home to make it more energy efficient. But this was all funded by the money from Cap and Trade so it's now cut. 

3. Free Prescription Drug Plan 

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In a move that is said to be a big hit to the middle class, Doug Ford's party announced they would cut the drug plan that allowed people under 25 and over 65 years old to get some free prescriptions. However, children and youth who don't have private insurance will still be eligible for free prescriptions.

4. Ontario School Curriculums 

The Conservatives announced changes to not one but two major curriculums. It is unclear when it will take effect, but the party has vowed to re-do Ontario's consent focused sex-ed curriculum. Sparking even more outrage they also cancelled meetings on a new indigenous lesson plan, so they are moving forward with it, but without any improvements or consultation.  

5. $100 million in repairs for Ontario schools

A lot of Ontario schools are overcrowded, over-heated, and have seen better days. None the less the conservatives have cancelled $100 million that was budgeted for repairs to Ontario schools. This was another cut relating to the Cap and Trade cancellation and schools which were allocated money in April have now been told to stop repairs immediately since they won't get any money for them. 

6. Public Sector Hiring

While Doug Ford has maintained that no one will lose their jobs he hasn't exactly been creating any either. One of the very first things announced by the Conservative government even before they were officially sworn in was a hiring freeze that has prevent parts of the public sector from hiring any new employees. 

According to members of the Conservative Party, cutting various programs like this is how Doug Ford will keep his promise of lowering taxes and balancing the budget without losing any jobs. 

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