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10 Pros Of Dating An Older Guy In Toronto

Because younger guys are just fvckboys.
10 Pros Of Dating An Older Guy In Toronto

Ahh, older men - some of Toronto's finest. They're handsome, well suited gentlemen who hold the door open for you. The kind of men who are experienced not just in the bedroom, but in life. Alma Clooney's done it, same with Mary Kate Olsen, even Katie Holmes tried it for a while! Age is just a number anyways and older Toronto men are in a league of their own. So read on for the top ten pros of dating an older guy in Toronto.

1. He's mature.

This is probably the most important one. It's safe to assume an older guy has been in one or two serious relationships before, meaning he knows how to handle emotions. He realizes that real commitment takes work and that love is more than just sharing an ice cream cone at Sweet Jesus.

2. He has a career.

No more undeclared arts/bartending part-time at Grace O'Malley's type of boys here. An older guy is established and has already made a career for himself in his field. This means he's solely able to focus on your relationship, rather than figuring out the rest of his life.

3. He's financially stable.

Now I'm not saying he's rich, but with an older guy you no longer have to go Dutch on your bill at Fring's. You won't have to contribute because he can't afford to pay for the both of you, you'll contribute simply because you choose to out of fairness - not obligation.

4. He's experienced.

With an older guy, you don't have to start at the basics when it comes to sex. An older guy knows how to make sex just as enjoyable for you as it is for him. He knows what he wants in the bedroom, knows how to ask for it and definitely knows how to please a woman... every single time.

5. He's fit.

An older guy knows that drinking beers every Wednesday at The Maddy isn't the key to a hot bod. He has a routine; he eats well and makes time for the gym. An older man cares about fitness and puts in the work to look good for you.

6. He knows what he wants.

An older guy is the kind of man who knows what he wants and goes after it. He's not going to waste your time; he's genuine and is in the relationship for the right reasons - not just to have someone to kiss under the heart at the Distillery District.

7. He's smart.

Chances are he's already got a university degree, maybe even a masters, and really knows his stuff. An older guy has already made all the mistakes you can possibly make and has learned from them. You can rely on him to guide you and advise you through any troubles you face.

8. He can grow a real beard.

None of that patchy, fuzzy stuff every guy in the Annex has. I'm talking about real, manly facial hair. The kind that lightly scratches your cheeks when you kiss him, the kind that says "Hey Toronto, I'm a real man!" Young guys just aren't there yet.

9. Your friends will love him.

What isn't there to love about a smart, confident older man who's established and and knows what he wants? Nothing. There's no way your friends won't appreciate him and see that you two are perfect for one another.

10. Your family will love him more.

Older men understand family dynamics and get how important they are. They know how to handle Sunday night family dinners and can navigate the awkwardness that comes with introducing a significant other to the parents.

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