When it comes to fvckboys, you should probably just stay away. However, sometimes you come across one that you just can't shake. He's not great, but not completely hopeless - he just needs a little work. If you're up for the challenge, you may be able to change a Toronto fvckboy into a man.

Being a fvckboy is a phase most guys in their twenties go through. Their main focuses are partying, drinking, hooking-up and nothing else. However, you can help them realize that there's more to life. Read on for how.

1. Teach him about respect.

If you respect yourself and demand that same respect from him, he will have no other option than to treat you so. It's that simple. If there isn't the slightest hint of mutual respect, he's not ready for change and your efforts are useless. However, the tiniest bit of respect shown may be a good start for shifting his fvckboy ways.

2. Catch him at the end of his fvckboy career.

A fvckboy who is just starting out has somewhere close to a zero per cent chance of changing. Catching a fvckboy who is nearing the end of his fvckboy career means he's probably getting tired of the Toronto club scene and is ready to start being a grown man.

3. Show him that you're different.

Let's be real, fvckboys are used to getting what they what and it's easy for them. Quick tip - don't be easy. There's nothing wrong with playing hard to get and it shows him you're not like all the other girls out there. Make him work for it. Be the fun, flirty girl but don't immediately jump into his bed.

4. Do other things than just partying.

Going out for dinner, going to the movies and other cute date activities can be way more fun than getting drunk at a club (again). Show him that spending quality time together is a million times better than his old, tired-out fvckboy lifestyle.

5. Set a good example for him.

If you are out partying all the time, he's going to think it's okay for him to do the same. If you act like a lady, there's no other option for him than to follow suit and be a gentleman. Set a good example for him and he'll think twice about his fvckboy ways.

6. Stop his bad habits.

If you can't get him to quit his fvckboy lifestyle completely, at least do less partying and drinking. There are so many exciting things to do in Toronto than just party and showing him a fun, healthier lifestyle could convert him altogether.

7. Steer clear of his "bad friends."

Fvckboys run in packs of about three dudes who drink every single night until they can't remember what day it is. These are the types of bad influences your guy will need to steer clear of if you want him to change.

8. Go out with other couples.

Surround yourself with positive people. It's smart to stay away from your single friends whose primary focus is drinking and smoking - double dates with your couple friends are the way to go.

9. Spend time with his family.

Whether or not his family likes you is key. If they are on your side, there's a better chance he will see that being a fvckboy isn't for him anymore and want to take your relationship more seriously.

10. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

When worst comes to worst, show him you can be more of a fvckgirl than him a fvckboy. Nobody likes a fvckboy - but fvckgirls are worse and he'll soon realize his party lifestyle isn't so great once it's reflected back to him.

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