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Top 5 Lingerie Shops In Toronto

Victoria's Secret has nothing on these places.

Okay, we get it. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night now has you feeling some sort of sad, bitter way. It's fine, everyone gets jealous of the Angels every now and again. They are walking perfection... on your TV screen... while you're scarfing down scoop after scoop of rocky road... oh Sweet Jesus.

But contrary to popular belief, you don't actually have to be six feet tall and razor thin to look good in lingerie. I hate to say it Victoria's Secret, but there really is no secret! Sexy lingerie is all about picking what works best for you body and sometimes that means stepping away from the big chain stores.

These are the stores that are doing it right! Read on for the top five lingerie shops in Toronto.

1. Agent Provocateur - Holt Renfrew, 50 Bloor Street W

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This is the creme de la creme of lingerie. The Agent Provocateur boutique is located inside Holt Renfrew and will guarantee to blow your budget. Agent Provocateur is an avant-garde brand hailing from the UK that features classic lingerie like black silk one-pieces and lacy white ruffled sets. If you want to splurge on your skivvies, this is definitely the place to do so!

2. Tryst Lingerie, 559 Queen Street W

Tryst is a Toronto lingerie staple. The Queen store specializes in shape wear and is guaranteed to have something for every body type. The store has a huge selection of bras that are reasonably priced for your budget. The staff are really fun, pleasant and helpful when it comes to finding what you need. You won't walk out if here empty handed.

3. Secrets From Your Sister, 590 Bloor Street W

The name is a bit of a throw off (What do you mean my lil sis knows more about lingerie than me?), but don't let that stop you. Secrets From Your Sister has the best staff around when it comes to bra fittings. These fit masters know what they're doing and can offer you a large selection of sizes - up to K cup! The boutique also feature's local Toronto lingerie favourites like Fortnight Lingerie.

4. Avec Plaisir, 136 Cumberland Street

Avec Plaisir is an luxurious French boutique and a regular stop on your Yorkville shopping trips. The store features big European names like Eres and La Perla Black Label. The lingerie is sophisticated and classy with dramatic statement pieces like detailed corsets and feathered robes. If any one knows how to do lingerie, it's the French.

5. Kallone Intimi, 309 Queen Street W

Kallone Intimi has what every Toronto girl wants: GooseBerry Intimates. The Bali brand is the ultimate lingerie goals, boasting lacy bralettes and rich cut-out bodysuits. Kallone Intimi products have average retail prices, but the staff are next level. Customer service is number one here and the staff are attentive and honest to ensure you're satisfied with whatever you buy.