Shawn Mendes And Drake Hanging Out At The Raptors Game Is Canadian Friendship Goals (PHOTOS)

Peak Canada bromance!
Shawn Mendes And Drake Hanging Out At The Raptors Game Is Canadian Friendship Goals (PHOTOS)
Ontario Editor

As the Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals, fans from around the world are cheering on the team. Some famous A-list celebrities have been spotted in the stadium to show their support, including former US president Barack Obama. During Game 2 of the finals, Shawn Mendes and Drake were spotted hanging out in the stadium and it's honestly Canadian friendship goals. 

Nearing the end of Game 2, Shawn Mendes made his way down to courtside where he was spotted meeting Drake with a hug during one of the breaks. Both Canadian singers were seen in conversation, both of them enthusiastically cheering on their hometown team. 

While Drake is the more obvious fan of the Raptors, being the over-enthusiastic ambassador, it comes as no surprise that Shawn Mendes is also supporting the team during the finals. As a Canadian born local, Mendes has no problem showing his Canadian side by cheering on the Raptors during tonight's game. 

Fans were able to grab some photos of the two celebrities together, and it's honestly Canadian friendship goals. Come on, who wouldn't want to be in the same stadium as these two?

While Shawn Mendes wasn't in the stadium for the Raptor's previous big wins, he was still spotted cheering on the team. 

A video surfaced on Twitter during Game 6 against the Milwaukee Bucks showing Shawn Mendes cheering on the Raptors from a pub, looking nervous as he watched the game unfold throughout the night. 

Now, Shawn Mendes has left the pub behind and is cheering from the sidelines to show his true spirit towards the Raptors and his hometown team. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor