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A Spectacular Meteor Shower Will Be Visible In The Night Skies This Week

People all over the world have yet another reason to look up at the night skies this week.

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The Taurid meteor shower is an astronomical phenomenon that produces spectacular "fireballs" and shooting stars every November. It is named after the constellation Taurus, which is where they appear to come from in the sky.

There are actually two sets of Taurids - the Northern Taurids and the Southern Taurids - and they're both active between September 25 and November 25. This year, the Southern Taurids will be peaking on Saturday, November 5; just after midnight.

Though it isn't known for being a massive display of meteors, it still produces a modest light show for viewers. The shower should be visible to the naked eye, so there isn't a need for a telescope. In past years, fireball sightings were reported in several countries, including Canada. Some were even seen flying over Toronto on a few occasions.

Accuweather reports that the showers can appear anywhere in the night sky. However, your chances of seeing it are better if you go to a less polluted location where the skies are darker and clearer. At its peak, you could expect to see up to 7 meteors per hour.

Here are some dark sky reserves in Ontario that have some of darkest skies around for stargazing:

Enjoy the show!


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