Shopify Is Opening A New Toronto Office And Is Planning On Hiring Over 700 New Employees

The new office will be opening in 2022.
Shopify Is Opening A New Toronto Office And Is Planning On Hiring Over 700 New Employees
Ontario Editor

If you're looking for a new job that helps to expand your creativity, Shopify may be the perfect spot for you. This week, Shopify announced that they will be opening a brand new Toronto office by 2022 and are looking to double the number of employees that they currently have worked within the city. This means, that Shopify will be hiring over 700 new employees over the next couple of years who are from a variety of different career backgrounds. 

Shopify is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in history to reach over a billion dollars in revenue and is still continuing to grow. Fortunately, they have chosen to grow right here in the heart of Toronto. The new Shopify location will be located in the King and Portland center which will be set to open in 2022. 

This new office will include a terrace, garden, cafe, meeting rooms and even pods. It will also feature a lounge that with a stage, video wall, and bleachers that can seat hundreds of guests. This lounge will be open to the public where local communities can host events free of charge. 

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Of course, with the opening of the new office, Shopify is also looking for dedicated employees to fill it. Shopify announced that by 2022 they are looking to double their staff in Toronto to 1,500, which means they will be on the hunt for 700 talented employees. 

Shopify announced that they are looking for candidates across various backgrounds included R&D with job openings to careers such as developers, data analysts, designers, researches and product managers. 

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What's even better is Shopify's career page highlights the variety of people that they hire into their company and how you don't actually need a university degree to apply. They state that the education needed for their jobs vary and their team is made up of "PhDs, university dropouts and everything in between,". 

While Shopify is looking to hire hundreds of new employees, not all the openings are posted on their website, and it can be assumed that a variety of job openings will begin to appear leading up to 2022. However, there are still quite a few openings that you can take a look at. Shopify is currently hiring engineers, analysts, marketers and a variety of other openings. 

To check out all of their job postings, you can view Shopify's career page here. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor